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Coaching is a dynamic partnership that you—the expert in your life—and Coacch—the expert in the coaching process—create together. Our relationship is built on trust and our sessions are totally confidential. We work with individuals both through personal and executive coaching.

Personal Coaching

In personal coaching, we focus on your personal and professional goals to help you to align your life with your authentic self.  We examine what might be holding you back and what steps you need to move your life forward. The result is that you achieve your goals and take your life from good to great.

Executive Coaching

In executive coaching, we develop your leadership skills and address any issues that are holding you back from achieving your maximum potential at your organization.  As a result, you will have the confidence and skills to be the kind of leader that makes a difference in the life of your organization and its people.



Commitment to Goals

The coachee will gain clarity and direction as they envision what they wish to achieve by the end of the coaching process.



Coaches and coach work together to map out a customized step-by-step plan of milestones necessary to achieve the goals.


Acceptance of Ideas

Throughout the program, coacheeand coach brainstorm ideas, learn proven leadership principles and best practices.



At the conclusion of every session, the best ideas become profound outcomes. The coacheewill be supported to build these skills until they become second nature.


External circumstances

In each session the coach will support the coacheein managing their capacity to contribute amidst situational challenges.


Individuals we have coached consistently (within and beyond the scope of the program) report the following outcomes:

Heightened awareness and better management of self in personal, social and professional life

Improved leadership skills, confidence and presence

Better able to identify and use talents to achieve goals and business results

Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results

Greater voice and visibility

Enhanced authority and credibility

Greater recognition and reward for accomplishments

Enhanced organizational awareness


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Certainly, this coaching programme has given me an opportunity to groom myself in public speaking areas, and also enable me to learn how to make effective presentations. This has enhanced my confidence and kept me motivated in conveying my message with clarity and purpose. As a result, the organization will take benefit out of it.

Zulquarnain Bhatti, Jazz




Focused on results, Imaad is a performance coach who is known to challenge the status quo thus enabling individuals and teams discover their latent potential towards achieving personal/professional growth and organizational change.


His natural ability to connect with people grows the trust and insight needed to face new challenges with confidence. After 16 successful years of working in the private, development and social sectors in Pakistan and Canada, Imaad has a valuable understanding of how people and organizations work, enabling people to tap into their infinite potential.


He has a knack of migrating people from the preoccupation of doing to an expression of being thus resulting in people growing in confidence, managing change and building stronger, more productive relationships. His overriding principle is that the more individuals discover themselves, the better they perform in life.

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Urooj is a passionate, seasoned, global thought-leader. One of the top female leaders in the organizations she’s worked at, she has the pride of being one of Pakistan’s top female Trainers with over 15 years of experience as a Management Trainer, Facilitator, Life Skill Coach and Psychotherapist. She has facilitated over 25,000 cross-cultural participants in Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, Philippine, Canada and Srilanka in ILTs and more virtually.


As a Communication Specialist, she excels at Instructional Design and Delivery. She has inspired leadership and teams toward personal and professional growth. With an engaging methodology, Urooj simplifies learning and ensures everyone learns from her sessions. Urooj has a string of global and local accreditations after her MBA, the most recent from Harvard Business School online and CPPD, UK in business and counselling respectively.

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