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We’re excited by team conferences and breakaways because they are an opportunity to meet big groups while they’re away from work! We like conferences and breakaways with thematic narratives in line with the organization's reality as it can drive passion and sense of purpose in the team’s endeavor.

Travel is a source of wisdom. The power of context is tremendous in framing ideas, opening teams up and raising the effectiveness of learning. History is a great teacher and cultures enhance exposure like nothing can. Outbound experiences are a great tool to bring teams together, opening up vulnerabilities, developing trust, generating candid feedback and committing to better behaviors.

Many organizations send teams abroad and take them to local destinations for experiential learning. However, the experience is limited to trainers and places instead of real multi-sensory, contextually powerful and transformative experience. Local storytelling, exposure to art, enjoying native music and designing learning to suit the setting.

Torque works together with the client organization and puts together a customized itinerary with all the accouterments that make a reminiscing learning experience.