Torque is a diverse tribe of consultants, trainers, facilitators and speakers. Our mantra is to turn people and organisations through innovative OD and L&D solutions.

We are a distinct learning provider - bold and innovative, lean and digital, futuristic and collaborative!
We get our clients talking about turn offs (barriers to great performance) and offer contextually-relevant customised solutions. From visioning to assessing, inspiring to equipping and bonding to changing; our range of solutions is organically evolved by our consultants and trainers. 

As the turning force, we are known for our energy, creativity and ownership to create transformational learning experiences. We believe in each human's calling to transform their world and the world around. We call that, the turning force, without which, no framework or strategy flies, without which, all meetings are a lull and without which, we stay mediocre at best!


TRUSTing the Creator & his beings

UPSTANDing principles at all times

RESOLVing customer challenges

NOURISHing learning eco-system


Since 2008, we’ve had the privilege of serving clients north, south and centre. Thank you many wonderful global multinationals, giant local conglomerates, dynamic small businesses and fabulous industry peers, who trusted us and turned with us.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.