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Design Thinking Workshop with Furqan Qureshi (KHI)

Learn how the companies that’ve changed the world did it, apply design thinking tools hands-on to innovate, create and transform business.

Design Thinking Workshop with Furqan Qureshi (KHI)
Design Thinking Workshop with Furqan Qureshi (KHI)

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event


In a digital age where qualitative attributes define business value, this two-day workshop focuses on using Human-Centered Design (HCD) to drive product development and strategy. Experience hands-on Design Thinking to solve real-world business challenges and build long-lasting customer relationships.


  • Understand Design Thinking: Deepen your understanding of Design Thinking principles and innovative problem-solving tools.
  • Implement Human-Centered Design: Learn to create and capture unparalleled value for your customers and business.
  • Hands-On Mastery: Engage in practical, real-world applications of Design Thinking, dedicating 70% of the workshop to active, hands-on exercises.

The workshop features an immersive, team-based, and fast-paced environment. Join as a dedicated team of 5 professionals from your organization. Collaboratively tackle a significant challenge identified by your team.

Acquire advanced frameworks and exercises for identifying business opportunities and generating impactful solutions. Apply HCD principles in real-time, enhancing your strategic and practical capabilities in product development and business management.

This workshop is not just an opportunity—it's an imperative step for professionals seeking to drive innovation and strategic excellence in their fields. Elevate your expertise, transform your approach, and lead your organization to new heights.

Join us for this crucial, career-defining experience!

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