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Sadaf Usman

An IVLP alumni, Sadaf Usman is a certified trainer from the School of Leadership and has experience of conducting trainings in the development and corporate sector. She has a knack of captivating her audience with her strong content and impactful delivery. Highly effective in building rapport and connection with her audience, Sadaf applies her unique, personal touch to her trainings which leaves a lasting impression on the participants, inspiring positive change.

Sadaf has done her masters in mass communication from Kinnaird College Lahore and has experience of working in the print and electronic media. She is also a published author, with her book Raaz-e-Nihaan receiving great acclaim from the readers. Sadaf has been running her own platform ‘For a Cause’ which promotes the values of tolerance, non judgment and respect through its various initiatives such as reading circles, interactive talks and community events. She incorporates her skills of poetry and public speaking into her trainings as well which set them apart from mainstream training packages.

Sadaf believes that each individual has the capacity to discover his or her highest potential, however, it can only happen when the right nurturing, inspiration and motivation is provided to him. She believes that words, behaviours, attitudes, mindset all are very strong tools to turnaround people and companies for the better or worse. Her vision is to turn crowds into teams, liabilities into assets and failures into success. She taps into the innate human faculties of each individual and empowers them to shed all excuses and become active players in designing their own life and experiences, thus causing a ripple effect of creating a community of empowered people, who see possibilities where others only see disappointments.

She has worked with initiatives related to education, women rights, entrepreneurship and business and TCF, SHE, LSE, Connected Women and Fauji Foods are on the list so far.

Sadaf has expertise in using online tools for communication and is adept at creating programs on diverse themes such as management, communication, mindset, team building and leadership.

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