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Saquib Niaz

Saquib has been a part of the training for 15 years. He specialises in entrepreneurship and soft skills (primarily leadership, communication skills, and emotional intelligence, conflict management). He has also done special courses in coaching from Coaching Academy, London. He has worked with many well-known organisations in Pakistan and internationally.

Having spent his career as a 'people developer,' he is passionate about helping others to achieve their potential and aspirations - His coaching style enables individuals to focus on their strengths eliminate weaknesses, and build confidence. Saquib has also assisted organisations and private individuals to attain their personal and business goals and believe that uncovering our driving values and challenging our limiting beliefs can make goal achievement much easier. As part of his passion for personal development, he delivers training to corporations, development organisations, academics, and government agencies.

In Saquib's sessions, the audience is engaged from beginning to end and not only enjoys the experience but also learns a lot.

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