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Zaydan Khan

Zaydan Khan is one of the young preeminent Trainer of 21st century. With passion and intelligence, Zaydan speaks about redefining your limits and removing the barriers that stand in the way of success. Zaydan inspires youth and has been striving to inculcate bravery, achievement drive, motivation and leadership amongst thousands of them. He's an authentic presenter who offers a blend of entertainment and interaction with a powerful message that he can customize for any audience. Zaydan has trained almost 85,000+ students across the country recently ranked in top 10 Motivational speakers of Pakistan.

Zaydan Khan is a specialist in leadership with almost half a decade of experience in soft skills trainings, Peace building, Entrepreneurship, Facilitation, Health Issues, Teacher Training, Public Relations, Climate change, Social Issues, Real estate training, Keynote Speaking, Student Counselling etc. With a passion for advancing human performance, Zaydan’s career as a Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker began after his Post Graduation in Finance and Business Studies from BUITEMS Quetta and Masters in International Relations. when this determined youngster decided to pursue his career in the light of his own aptitude and vision instead of opting for a future which people around him desired for him since he believes in changing dreams into realities.
With his resilient leadership and communication skills he focused on the development of lives of the youth which he believes is the foundation of a strong and enlightened nation. The dream which was borne in his eyes became his profession. As he says: “Selling dreams. want to buy?” His approach is facilitating as well as commercial and pragmatic. He believes great leaders have an endearing influence on the individuals of any society and culture.

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